What to expect

Children can be daunted by therapy appointments.
At Children’s Therapy Services we provide a warm, friendly, play-based environment to help you and your child feel at ease.

Therapy appointments will be approximately 45 minutes in duration, please arrive early to allow time for parking, and to complete any
forms. It assists us if you can bring any referral information or reports with you to the initial appointment.

NDIA Clients

If your child is a participant with the NDIS it is a requirement to have an approved service booking, and a copy of the child’s plan prior to commencing services.

Please bring a copy of your child’s plan to their first appointment.

Your therapist will initially assess your child. They do this in a number of ways such as:

  • engaging with and examining your child
  • reading any reports or referrals
  • asking you a range of questions around concerns, observations and your child’s situation
  • and using clinical assessment tools

The therapist will then work with your child, and from there will make recommendations which may include developing an individual program that will assist your child and family.
A program may involve the use of activities and strategies to increase concentration, strength, balance, co-ordination, and function as required. If needed, games, toys, and other special equipment may be suggested.

A summary or report will be prepared following your initial visit to provide information back to the referral source, or to others involved in the care of your child. If a more detailed report is required this may incur additional fees.